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d.o.b. 25.12.2020
eyes: clear (December 2021)
gonioscopy: ok
fuco: free (by parentage)
PRA cord1 mutation: free (by parentage)

Unique since she was born … Regina – the queen! Named by our son Ignaś, whose heart was the 1st.one she devoured 😉
We could not let her move out, so she stayed by prescription 😉
Our black-eyed BUTTERFLY HUNTER, so full of joy & spirit, chasing all winged creatures with her always wagging tail.
It is impossible to get bored in her company.


Beresford As Good As It Gets
GB Sh.Ch.
Beresford Night Train
GB Sh.Ch. JW
Calvdale Night Court
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Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom
Peasblossom Embrace
Beresford Simple Pleasure
Sanque’s Cut to the Chase
Calvdale Car Chase
Sanque’s Joy in Focus
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GB Sh.Ch.
Peasblossom Butterfly at Beresford