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Enjoys her happy retirement with our friends near Białystok

born: 07.10.2012
eyes: clear (16.06.2014)
gonioscopy: OK
fuco: free (both parents free)
PRA cord1 mutation: normal (both parents normal)

  • International Show Champion C.I.E.
  • Polish Champion
  • Polish Junior Champion
  • BOB Puppy
  • Best in Show Puppy
  • 6 x Junior Winner
  • 6 x Best Junior
  • 2 x Junior Best in Show
  • Junior Best in Show-3
  • 11 x CWC/CAC/CACA
  • 5 x CACIB
  • Res.CACIB
  • 13 x BOB
  • 8 x Best in Group
  • 3 x res. Best in Group
  • 2 x Best in Group-3
  • 2 x res. Best in Show
  • 2 x Best in Show-3

“Malin”…  A beautiful chapter of the Tamaam history.
In her time – the most winning bitch in Poland.
She left us a wonderful heritage, living in her children and grandchildren, on whom we firmly based our further breeding work. Privately – “Malinka” is a special kind of thunderstorm, eagerly awaited after a hot day. A lemon sorbet with a touch of a raspberry essence. The harmony of contrasts. Great vitality and passion. Sweetness and faithfulness. Strength of character and Personality (definitely by the great P). Absolute devotion to her family and a bit of the obsessive love that we experience every day. Everything above seasoned with a dose of her amazing charisma (hmm …) that allows her to seduce eyes and hearts. The most unique life companion we could have wished for.

Malinka’s show-results:

CAC Jelenia Góra 23.06.2013 judges: BOB – Mrs. Krystyna Sajnóg (PL); BIS Puppy – Mr. Grzegorz Robak (PL) – very promising, Best Puppy, Best Puppy in Show
CAC Legnickie Pole 21.07.2013 judges: BOB + BIS – Mr. Leos Jancik (CZ); BOG + BIS Junior –  Mr. Aleksander Skrzyński (PL) – exc.1, Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB, Best Junior in Show-3, BOG, Best in Show-3
CAC Świebodzice  28.07.2013 judges: BOB – Mr. Jan Ryk (PL); BOG + BIS Junior – Mr. Leos Jancik (CZ) – exc.1, Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB, Best Junior in Show, BOG-2
CACIB Wrocław 28.09.2013 judges: BOB – Mr. Christen Lang (N); BIS Junior – Mr. Andrzej Kaźmierski (PL); BOG – Mrs. Dorota Witkowska (PL) – exc.1, Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB, Best Junior in Show, BOG-2
CAC Świebodzice 30.11.2013 judges: BOB – Mrs. Cathy Delmar (IRL); BOG – Mr. Nemanja Jovanovic (SRB); BIS – Mr. Sean Delmar (IRL) – exc.1, Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB, BOG, Best in Show-2
CACIB Wels 07.12.2013 judges: BOB – Mr. Börje Johansson (S); BOG – Mrs. Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner (A) – exc.1, Jugendbesster (Best Junior), Best Bitch, BOB, BOG
CACIB Wels 08.12.2013 judge: BOB – Mr. Theres Johansson (S) – exc.1, Jugendbesster (Best Junior)
CAC Będzin/Sosnowiec 19.01.2014 judges: BOB – Mr. Aleksnader Skrzyński (PL); BOG – Mrs. Moa Persson (SE) – exc.1, CWC, Best Bitch, BOB, BOG-2
CACIB Drzonków 02.03.2014 judge: Mr. Nebojsa Savicic (SRB) – exc.1, CWC, CACIB, Best Bitch, BOS
CACIB Nitra 29.03.2014 judge: Mr. Grzegorz Weron (PL) – exc.1, CAC, Res.CACIB (-> CACIB)
CAC Rybnik 04.05.2014 judges: BOB + BOG –  Mr. Andrzej Kaźmierski (PL); BIS – Mr. Andrzej Mania (PL) – exc.1, CWC, Best Bitch, BOB, BOG, res. Best in Show
CAC Świebodzice 26.05.2014 judges: BOB – Mr. Aleksander Skrzyński (PL), BOG – Mrs. Anna Pulikowska – Klimonda (PL) – exc.1, CWC, Best Bitch, BOB, BOG
CAC Bytom 17.05.2015 judges: BOB + BOG – Mr. Paul Scanlon (IRL), BIS – Mr. Piotr Król (PL) – exc.1, CWC, BOB, BOG, Best in Show-3
CACIB Rzeszów 24.05.2015 judges: BOB – Mr. Martin Johansson (SE), BOG – Mrs. Krystyna Opara (PL) – exc.1, CWC, CACIB, BOB, BOG
CACIB Leszno 30.05.2015 judges: BOB – Mr. Grzegorz Weron (PL), BOG – Mr. Aleksander Skrzyński (PL) – exc.1, CWC, CACIB, BOB, BOG-3
CACIB Innsbruck 15.08.2015 judges: BOB – Mr. Giulio Bezzecchi (I), BOG – Mrs. Annamaria Tarjan (H) – exc.1, CACA, CACIB, BOB, BOG
CACIB Innsbruck 16.08.2015 judges: BOB – Mrs. Maria Gvozdieva (UA), BOG – Mr. Giulio Bezzecchi (I)) – exc.1, CACA, CACIB, BOB, BOG-3


Sieger’s Player in the Peak
C.I.E WW’09, WW’12 Multi CH
Linmoor Zimply Zalient
Linmoor Wave For Success
Linmoor Valuable Crystal
WW’09, WW’10 Multi CH
Sieger’s Extra Point
Spring Creek’s Jolly Jumper
Sieger’s Freaky Friday
High Score Can’t Copy This
High Score Top-Gun
High Score On-The-Move
New Design’s Not For Sale
Barecho Quality VisionAUCH SU(u)CH
Wongan High Flyer
Barecho One Vision