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13 March 2022 happened to be a truly remarkable day.

GBSh.Ch. PL Ch. Beresford AS GOOD AS IT GETS “Melvin” who lived with us in the years 2019 – 2021 won CC, as well as Best of Breed (BOB) under breed specialist Mr. Gareth Lawler, kennel Roqfolly!
“Our” little Melvin!!!
His Tamaam children – “Masha”, “Belle”, “Diana”, “Regina”, “Merlin” and “Louis” certainly share our pride and joy;).
What a great, unforgettable day for our friends – Trudy and David (Beresford), whose springers have rocked the green carpet today, reaching for the highest placings in many classes.
How much we would like to be there today!

CC and BOB on Cruft’s …. Trudy did it TWICE and in a row – with a father (2020) and a son (2022).
Words of the greatest appreciation must go to the excellent Breeder, Judge, and most of all – to a dear Friend.