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d.o.b. 24.11.2019
eyes: clear (January 2021)
gonioscopy: ok
fuco: wolna (by parentage)
PRA cord1 mutation: normal (by parentage)
DAMS: clear (by parentage)

  • International Show Champion C.I.E.
  • Polish Grand Champion
  • Polish Champion
  • Lithuanian Champion
  • Slovenian Champion
  • Croatian Champion
  • Serbian Champion
  • Serbian Grand Champion
  • Serbian Club Winner ’23
  • Lithuanian Club Winner ’23 + BIS
  • Poland Winner ’21
  • Junior Winner
  • Best Junior
  • 33 x CWC/CAC
  • 2 x Res.CACIB
  • 18 x CACIB
  • 9 x BOS
  • 16 x BOB
  • 2x Crufts’ Qualification 2024
  • Crufts’ Qualification 2022
  • BEST OF GROUP (CACIB Nitra ’23) – Mr. Mariano di Chicco (Włochy)
  • BEST OF GROUP (CACIB Nitra ’23) – Mr. Jan Roger Sauge (Norwegia)
  • BEST OF GROUP (CACIB Celje ’23) – Mr. Robert Bandelj (Słowenia)
  • BEST OF GROUP (CACIB Celje ’23) – Mrs. Leila Stenlund (Finlandia)
  • BEST OF GROUP (CACIB Zadar ’23) – Mr. Davor Javor (Chorwacja)
  • BEST OF GROUP (CACIB Katowice’ 22) – Mrs. Stephanie Walsh (Irlandia)
  • BEST OF GROUP (CACIB Wrocław ’22) – Mrs. Theres Johansson (Szwecja)
  • res. BOG (CACIB Zadar ’23)
  • res. BOG (CACIB Legnica’ 22)
  • 2 x BOG-4 (CACIB Wrocław, CWC Zabrze)
  • BEST IN SHOW Lithuanian Club Show ’23
  • Specialist Exhibition Winner‘ Kolin 2021

“Masha” – deserves every capital letter in this description.
Lovely, wonderful, absolutely unique black star, for which we have been waiting almost 20 years. My dream, sent to earth to bring love and joy.
We owe her so many smiles and emotions that it is impossible to express them here in words. Then let the pictures speak…
Without HER there would be no big part of my heart, and Tamaamkowo itself would be a different place.

Winning or losing, it always makes my heart tremble. Every entry into the ring with her is a unique experience. Every one. Like skiing with an alpine breeze in your hair, like riding a red convertible, like laughing to tears with a loved one. That’s how I feel running with Masha. Her dedication, my focus, our mutual respect. I love her with every thought. She me – every look. I thank God for her and our journey through life together – foot to foot, paw to paw… I’ve been waiting for her my whole life.


Rodowód “Mashy”:

Mł.Ch.PL Beresford As Good As It GetsGB Sh.Ch.
Beresford Night Train
GB Sh.Ch. JW
Calvdale Night Court
Dexbenella Serendipity
Peasblosson Just One Look at BeresfordGB Sh.Ch. JW
Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom
Peasblossom Embrace
Ch.PL, Mł.Ch.PL
Beresford Simple Pleasure
Sanque’s Cut to the Chase
Calvdale Car Chase
Sanque’s Joy in Focus
Beresford Guilty PleasuresGB Sh.Ch.
Peasblossom Escape to Beresford
GB Sh.Ch.
Peasblossom Butterfly at Beresford