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Some news from the show rings after Ch.PL, Jun.Ch.PL, Jun.Ch.H, Polish Winner CHARM US NOW Tamaam “Vala’s” interesting trip to Arad, Romania:

03. 10 – international show ‘Transylvania Cup’ (judge: Istvan Nagy (Hu) – exc.1, CACIB, Transylvania Winner, BOB

04.10 – international show ‘Open Romania’ (judge: Dr Roberto Schill (Ro) – exc.1, CACIB, BOB.

Vala came back home with the Romanian Champion title.


At the same time Jun.Ch.A CHARM ME GENTLY Tamaam “Pluto” took part in two shows in Wels, Austria, with the following results:

03.10 – exc.1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
04.10 – exc.1, CACA, Club Winner

Well done Guys!