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May we proudly present our young hopes:

JELLY BEAN Maligold aka “Phoebe” – a 5 – month – old daughter to “Jay” C.I.E., Ch. Glamorly GINNIE THE POOH that stole our heart at her 2nd. day of life! Crazy, merry and talkative as her father, she keeps enchanting us every day!
Thanks Zbigniew (Maligold) for entrusting us with this little monkey!

Our 3-month-old kids from the last litter of beloved “Inez” (Ch. Beresford SIMPLE PLEASURE), and the handsome “Melvin” (Ch. Beresford AS GOOD AS IT GETS):
X – MAS DELIVERY Tamaam aka “Merlin”, X – MAS SPELL Tamaam aka “Belle” oraz X – MAS SURPRISE Tamaam aka “Regina”.
In our wildest dreams, we did not expect all of them to stay with us for good. However, the judgments of Providence are unexplored, and one’s heart happens to be a defiant servant. Today we are watching these three unique Christmas kids grow, knowing now for sure that it has been the best possible decision.