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Holiday – moods definiately keep us away from the computer, which makes our homepage constantly suffer from the desperate need of an update. However, it finally seems the highest time for that!

We wish little “Elites” all the best of luck in their new homes in different corners of the world.
As well as plenty of energy and enthusiasm to their brave families 😉

Let us present the youngest gangster in the Tamaam team, who wisely stole our hearts long ago, not even considering a single thought about moving out!

Well… here she is: ELITE SENSATION Tamaam “Pippi”


DRAGONS SING BLUE SAVANNAH Tamaam “Duffy” (in her tight-fitted “summer bikini 😉 took part in two international shows in Bratislava, gaining 2 Junior Winner titles (CAJC).

Warm congratulations guys! 🙂