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The beginning of the New Year….
Time for decisions and summaries.
For reflection and hope.
The year 2014 did not turn an extremely positive one for us, rarely allowing us to catch a deep breath.
At the same time however, it did not turn a particularly negative one, which after a while of thinking we might count as a plus 
It brought us …

“Clouds, and sun.
A piece of a beginning, and a piece of an end.
A dram of pepper, and a dram of mint
Some straight roads, and some winding paths.
A bit of poetry, and a bit of prose
A bit of chaff, and a bit of grain … “

Today we are grateful for all.
Our breeding life was mainly focused on puppies, with all colours of the rainbow that their raising usually brings.
However, we still managed to enjoy some lovely show-results both in Poland, and abroad.

Highlights of the show season 2014:

GB Sh.Ch.FOREST FRUIT FROM Tamaam to Beresford „Nico” (owned and spoiled to bits by David & Trudy Topliss, Beresford, GB) – gained his 3rd. and crowning CC, and was made up to GB Show Champion, as the 1st. english springer spaniel in the breed’s history in Poland.
We are more than grateful to all the judges who made it possible for a shy dream to turn into reality:

Mr. Graham Osborne – Border Union’ 15 June 2013
Mrs. Angela Pidcock – LKA’ 15 December 2013
Mrs. Wendy Walker – Border Union’ 15 June 2014

A kind of the ‘one and only’ moment in time that will be kept and cherished in our hearts forever.

Ch. DRAGONS LIKE IT HOT Tamaam “Luna” (owned by Jadranko & Marijana Peher, Aithusa, Croatia) – became the Slovenian Champion.

Ch. ELITE SENSATION Tamaam „Pippi” (owned by us) – was made up to International Show Champion C.I.E.

Ch. ELITE VIBRATION Tamaam “Glenn” (owned by Christine Guihur, France) – was made up to International Show Champion C.I.E.

GINGER ALE Tamaam „Sunny” (owned by Olga Banaszak, PL) – became the Junior Champion of Macedonia.

HERE I AM Tamaam “Rocky” (owned by Natalia Mystkowska, Spotted with Charm, PL ) – became the Junior Champion of Poland, as well as the Junior Champion of Croatia.

HUMORESQUE Tamaam “Melissa” (co-owned by us & Michał Magott) – became the Polish Junior Champion.

GINGER FUDGE Tamaam “Diana” (owned by Bartek Kołacz, Biscuit Dream, PL) – was made up to Polish Champion.

GINGER ROGERS Tamaam “Malinka” (owned by us) – was made up to Polish Champion.

Tamaam springers were often placed in the Group Finals, as well as in Puppy & Junior BIS, and BIS competitions, standing there also on the 1st. podium.

We are grateful to everybody who shared this joy with us.
We are grateful to our friends.
We are grateful to all judges who thought so highly of our dogs.
And last but not least – we are more than grateful to all Tamaam kids’ owners both here, and abroad – for the support you show to us, and for your work with ‘our’ springers 

We hope to begin the New Year 2015 with some newest additions to our small team that shall be campaigned during the upcoming show season. Looks an exciting time ahead 

HAPPY NEW YEAR to our friends, collegues, and visitors of the Tamaam homepage!
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!