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19 September 2020 – judge: Mrs. Beke Judit (HU)

U GOT THE LOOK Tamaam “Nikky” (junior class) – exc.1, CAJC, Junior BOB.

Ch. MR.HOLMES Tamaam “Harry” (Champion class) – res.CAC, Res. CACIB => CACIB. “Harry” is the newly crowned International Show Champion C.I.E.! 

BIG congrats Adriana & boys! We could not be more proud of you!

20 September 2020 – judge: Mrs. Vaníčková Kristína (CZ)

U GOT THE LOOK Tamaam “Nikky” – exc.1, CAJC, Junior BOB, qualified for Crufts’ 2021!
Ch. MR.HOLMES Tamaam “Harry” – res.CAC, Res. CACIB.