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On 8th.- 9th. December 2012 at two shows in Nantes (France) ELITE VIBRATION Tamaam “Glenn” won twice the intermediate class, and was awarded with CACS.

Congratulations Christine & James!


Winter has arrived, brining a calmer time into our home.

“The Gingers” have moved to their new families in different corners of the world.
We are being cheered up by the Ginger – sibling: GINGER ROGERS Tamaam “Malinka” & GINGER ALE Tamaam “Sunny” (perhaps eventually available to the right home).

Snow and sun have made the juniors (of all species 😉 more than joyful:


Our teenage girl FOREST BERRY Tamaam “Fiolka” has joined her sister FOREST FANTASY Tamaam “Emi” and her human family in Poznań: Agnieszka, Przemek, Kornelia, Julia & Oskar 🙂

Thank you very much friends for all lovely photos, but most of all – we remain grateful for the love you give to the freckled ladies everyday. Hopefully they know how to pay you off, just as a springer can 😀


Which whitch is which?? 😀
“Emi” (left) <3; “Fiolka” (right) <3