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The international show in Wels…
… And yes, we finally did it! 🙂
Warm thanks to Beata & Robert for the travel and your wonderful company!

However the weather forecast managed to scare us off on Saturday, we bravely decided to take the risk for Sunday, and after a loong journey we safely arrived to Austria. The springers were judged by Mrs. Marie-Luise Doppelreiter (A); BIG – p. Pchyllis Podouschka – Aigner (A),
and the results of our girl-team were as following:

High Score CAN’T COPY THIS “Copy” – wybitnie obiecująca, BOB PuppyWinterwater Creek’s DANCING QUEEN – dosk. 1, CACA, CACIB, Best Bitch

High Score BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN “Nutka” – dosk.1, Jugendbesster, BOB, Res. BOG