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We closed our successful show season at the prestigious show in Poznań, adding some nice results from England, and the last show this year – national all breed show in Świebodzice.
Our young freckled hopes definiately let us believe in a better tomorrow 

2 December 2018 – national all breed show in Świebodzice
BOB – Mrs. Hanna Woźna-Gil (PL)
BIS Puppy – Mrs. Ana Vladimirov (SRB)
BIS Junior – Mr. Rafał First (PL).

ON THE COVER Tamaam “Puma” – Best Puppy & BIS-4 Puppy – in her unique kangaroo style 

PL.Jun.Winner, PL.Jun.Ch. Glamorly GINNIE THE POOH “Jay-son” – Jun. Winner, Best Junior & Res. BIS Junior.

NERINA Tamaam “Nerina” – CWC & BOS.

Heartfelt thanks must go to the judges who thought highly of our dogs, as we as to our friends – Agnieszka & Marzena – who shared our joy, and made the day even more special.
Well done on your nice result with “Nerina”, and the success with your English setters!

5 November 2018 – English Springer Spaniel Club Open Show, Anglia
judge: Mrs. Louise Scott (Goldcliffe)

ON THE ROAD AGAIN Tamaam to Beresford “Pete 2” – Best Puppy Dog & Best B/W

Well done Trudy!

18 November 2018 – Polish Winner Show in Poznań
judge: Mrs. Zofia Konderla (PL)

PL Jun.Ch. Glamorly GINNIE THE POOH “Jay-son” – exc.1, Jun. Winner, Polish Junior Winner, Best Junior.

Due to some family commitements, we did not stay for the finals.