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17 – 18 July 2021 – a very nice show weekend despite the extreme weather conditions.
The weather – like every woman – is a variable creature 😉 According to this thesis – on Saturday we experienced a flood that tried to wash us off the surface of the rings, just to welcome the unbridled Summer sun on Sunday, that found its pleasure in frying us to greaves – in 30 degrees of heat and by the absolute lack of a natural shade anywhere at the show ground.

And so, our results on Saturday:
JELLY BEAN Maligold “Phoebe” – exc.1 & Junior Winner title at her show debut with 9 months of age.
UP TO NO GOOD Tamaam “Masza” – exc.1, CWC, Best Bitch, BOS.
the 14-month-old VICTORY CONDITIONS Tamaam “Louis” – exc.1, Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB, BIS Junior & res.BOG!

Heartfelt thanks must go to the judges who thought so highly of this young lad: Mrs. Izabella Krasowska – Salamon (BOB), Mr. Aleksander Skrzyński (BIS Junior), Mr. Maciej Lipiec (BOG).

Sunday; judge: Mr. Tomasz Sławik – thank you!
JELLY BEAN Maligold “Phoebe” – exc.1, Junior Winner.
UP TO NO GOOD Tamaam “Masza” – exc.1, CWC, Best Bitch, BOB.
VICTORY CONDITIONS Tamaam “Louis” – exc.1, Junior Winner, Best Junior.
C.I.E., Ch. Glamorly GINNIE THE POOH “Jay” – exc.2.

With a heavy heart we decided to quit the Group finals since “Masha” started to show some worrying symptoms that might have suggested a mild sunstroke despite our best efforts to keep the dogs cool and as comfortable as possible under the heat of 32 degrees. Quite a frustrating situation I have to confess. Well, no matter how I love the adrenaline of the big rings, the dogs & their welfare will always go first.