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30 May 2021 – our “pandemic pride”, our one and only “Masha” aka UP TO NO GOOD Tamaam had a great debut in the intermediate class at her 18 months (2nd. show in life) – exc.1, CWC & Res.CACIB!
Another young hope of ours, X-MAS BLESSING Tamaam aka “Diana” won the Baby class, and became Best Puppy at the tender age of 5 months. What a darling she was in the ring!
CO-owned and loved by Agnieszka, Marzena, Eugeniusz (Elater Polonica).
VICTORY CONDITIONS Tamaam aka “Louis” was placed 2nd. in junior class, with excellent. Well done Joanna!

Another reason of joy was to see two handsome sons to “Jay” aka C.I.E., Ch. Glamorly GINNIE THE POOHProfessor XAVIER Elater Polonica, and DIVINE BOY Biscuit Dream, winning junior and intermediate classes respectively.
The possibility to observe the impact of the genes of this extraordinary dog ​​on the development of the breed in our native, Polish soil gives me a special feeling of pride and fulfilled hope.

We are grateful to the respected spaniel specialist Mrs. Linda Voláriková from Slovakia for a beautiful day that we enjoyed so much!