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We spent the last weekend at two very nice shows in Graz – the international show and the Clubshow, organized by the Austrian Jagdspanielklub.

On Saturday the springers were judged by Mr. Karl Resinger (A) with the following results of our team members:
INTCH Trollängens Blues Man “Robin” – dosk.1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
JunCH Winterwater Creek’s Dancing Queen “Bajka” – dosk.1, CACA, CACIB, BOS

On Sunday the adult dogs were judged by Mr. Rui Oliveira (P), and babies, as well as puppies – by Mrs. Sigrid Jarmer (A).
Both Bajka, and Robin got the CACA and Club Winner titles, and this time it was Bajka who became BOB, whereas Robin had to be satisfied with being BOS.
Moreover Bajka won the honourable BIS competition for the best dog bred in three Austrian lands (Styria, Carynthia and EastTirol)..

Last but not least it was also a huge joy to experience the show debut of our youngest girl High Score Blondes Have More Fun “Nutka”, who was awarded with BIS Baby title, and seemed to enjoy the whole event A LOT. She never stopped wagging her tail – even in those short whiles when being kept still for a few seconds 😉

We would like to say thanks to Barbara Illenschitz and her friends for the wonderful time spent together, and for keeping the fingers crossed for us. It was a lovely weekend, indeed!