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This month we made one of the most difficult journeys, which I have decided to describe – as a warning, but also as a reassurance. And so in printed letters: BEWARE OF TICKS,
which despite the “end of the season”, low temperatures and protection of dogs – can still pose a threat. Three weeks ago, babesiosis, complicated by pancreatitis, was trying to snatch the most precious things from our hands. The great freckled love of my life – Masha.
During those terrible few days, I made many difficult decisions (including immediate hospitalization in Warsaw – I don’t remember the trip itself), I was scattered and collected, I cried from helplessness and I was fighting again.
Today I would like to thank those who have travelled every metre of this road with me and have never lost hope.
Dr Ewa Trusiewicz, dr Alicja Anuszkiewicz, the whole team of Doctors, Technicians and Staff of Veterinary Clinic Vetriver 24H Laski. It was in Their hands that I entrusted the most precious black and white life, and They did everything to help it last. Their knowledge, intuition, but also empathy and ability to act in crisis situations are simply not to be overestimated. Thanks to hospitalization, irrigation and proper treatment – we came out straight, and Masha is bursting with health and energy, happily not remembering these near-death experiences.
Ola – thank you for being, being and – I hope – will be. For picking me up off the floor at 1:30 in the morning, facing my emotions, being calm and contained at the worst. To our second home in the capital. For everything.
“Last but not least” to my Family – Grzek, Idzie and Ignace – for being able to embrace our ZOO without regrets and complaints. For the fact that I can leave you one-week-old babies and I know that I will find them when I return, fed, clean and in good condition. For accepting my decisions. For being.

And the title of relaxing the atmosphere – several current autumn shots after bringing part of the Tamaamka team into shape 😉 Of course – Masha could not miss them.