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A beautiful weekend in Tulln:
26 September 2020 (Saturday) – judge. Mr. Axel Komorowski (D)

Ch. Glamorly GINNIE THE POOH „Jay” (Champion class) – CACA, CACIB, qualified for Crufts’ 2021. “Jay” is the newly crowned International Show Champion C.I.E!

We are so happy and pleased with our black diamond. Big congrats and thanks must also go to his breeder & co-owner Antti Hokkanen in Finland!

PINK GIN Tamaam „Paris” (open class) – CACA, CACIB, qualified for Crufts’ 2021, BOS.

27 September 2020 (Sunday) – Mr. Petr Studenik (CZ)

Ch. Glamorly GINNIE THE POOH „Jay” (Champion class) – CACA, CACIB (his 6th.!), Bundessieger, BOS.
PINK GIN Tamaam „Paris” (open class) – CACA, CACIB (her 6-th.!), Bundessieger, BOB.

We are happy, and could not be more proud to have won those titles under the respected spaniel specialist Mr. Petr Studenik of the famous Black Petrs kennel in Czech Republic.
What is also worth mentioning is the way that very strict judge behaved in the ring – not only as a judge but as a man, and not only as a man but as a gentleman! After 20 years of showing dogs there are not many things that can impress or surprise me but today I truly admired the judge’s respect both for the dogs, and for the elderly handlers. Chapeau bas, that is what we should see more frequently in the dog show world.
Sadly, there were no finals held in Tulln, so we set off home right after the breed judging.

“Kraeftgie, braun – weisse Huendin, richtiger Kopfschnitt, vorzueglicher Hals, korrekte Vor-und-Hinterhandwinkelungen, richtige Knochenstaerke und Brustbreite, richitg bemuskelt, korrekte bewegung, gutes fell”.

„A strong, liver – white female, correct head cut, excellent neck, correct fore-and-hindquarters angulations, correct bone and the width of chest, properly muscled, correct movement, good coat”.

/Mr. Petr Studenik about “Paris”/

“Schwarz – weisser, kompakter Ruede, vorzueglicher Typ, richtiger Kopfchnitt, eleganter Hals, vorzuegliche Schulter und Oberarm, gute Knoechenstaerke und Brusttiefe, korrekte Hinterhandwinkelungen, korrekte Bewegung, richtiges fell”.

“Black and white, compact male, excellent type, correct head cut, elegant neck, excellent shoulder and upper arm, good bone and the depth of chest, correct hind quarters, correct movement, correct coat”

/Mr. Petr Studenik about “Jay”/